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[TFR] The Fun Realm Gaming Community

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The Fun Realm Gaming Community

Here at TFR we want to have a place where gamers can go to reach out to each other. Where gamers can come together in the name of “FUN”. And where gamers can come to get information, updates and over all news about games from a “GAMERS” point of view.

So I created www.thefunrealm.com back in 2006 and was very successful till I shut it down. And now I started it back up again because I found it hard to find a good place to call home that covered all gaming platforms and games. So here at TFR everyone is welcomed no matter if you play on Xbox, Playstation, Wii, PC or even just Mobile Gaming. TFR is a community, so as a community, it will be as strong as you make it. Pretty much, TFR is a place for Gamers...by Gamers and will always be “FREE” as long as Gaming Is Not A Crime.

We have a Currency System here at TFR where member will earn [TFR] Dollars, [TFR] Tokens and Points for Posting and Replying in the Forum as well as Submitting News at TFR. These Currencies can be used to enter Events sponsored by TFR (most events have prizes), betting on Events sponsored by TFR, TFR Giveaways that we do here at TFR and bet them at our Virtual Casino. The amounts you earn and how you earn them is listed below.


Post a New Forum Topic: 25 [TFR] Dollars + 10 [TFR] Tokens + 15 POINTS
Forum Topic Replied To (Poster Receives): 10 [TFR] Dollars + 2 [TFR] Tokens + 8 POINTS
Reply to a Forum Topic: 15 [TFR] Dollars + 5 [TFR] Tokens + 12 POINTS
Forum Post & Reply Earn Per Character: 0.10 [TFR] Dollars + 0.01 [TFR] Tokens + 0.05 POINTS
Max Per Forum Posting or Reply: 75 [TFR] Dollars + 25 [TFR] Tokens + 50 POINTS
Submit a News Story: 25 [TFR] Dollars + 10 [TFR] Tokens + 15 POINTS
Comment on a News Story: 25 [TFR] Dollars + 10 [TFR] Tokens + 15 POINTS

You can also Exchange Currencies, such as [TFR] Dollars for [TFR] Tokens. So if we are doing something that you need extra tokens for, you can do an exchange for the tokens you need. If your already registered, start posting and replying to boost up your bankroll for all the “FUN” at TFR. But if your not registered yet, it's easy and free, so don't wait start your journey here at The Fun Realm today.

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